G.W.Topham & Son

A family run agribusiness

Family run agribusiness established for well over 50 years

Grown to include over 13,000 acres of arable land in   Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire

Diversified extensively to complement the core farming business

G. W. Topham & Son offers a state of the art farming solution


Caring for the land we work

  • Habitat creation projects and landscaping contribute to the local biodiversity

  • Targeted nutrient application on our fields minimises the impacts of modern farming on the countryside

  • With 200kW solar panels and a 1MW biomass boiler we produce energy and manage our waste, whilst reducing our carbon footprint

  • As conscientious farmers we value our responsibility to care for the land we work

Our Commitment

Working in harmony with the environment

Working in harmony with the environment, we look after each farm as we do our own, with care and attention to both crop and countryside.

All our machinery is expertly maintained and regularly serviced as part of a voluntary initiative to uphold our excellent standards. The advanced technology utilised on our farms incorporates the  leading developments of precision agriculture, providing the maximum yield and financial returns from the land, with a keen interest to preserve wildlife habitats.

Conscientious modern and environmentally sensitive farming techniques are utilised whilst working with the requirements of landowners.  We improve drainage and use adaptive cultural farming techniques to help protect crops in our changeable climate.

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